Wallets and Trading

You can visit the exchange directly from the Wallets page by finding the coin you wish to trade, selecting the Trade option, and then selecting the pair you wish to view. Selecting this pair will take you directly to the pair in the exchange.


The Latium Freelancing Platform has two main uses. The first allows users to enter the Latium ecosystem and complete projects in order to earn income. The second allows users to post projects and find qualified Freelancers to complete these projects. The first use provides a unique opportunity for users to earn extra income due to […]


The Latium Exchange provides an area for Latium members to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. Payments for completed projects in the Latium ecosystem can be made using any of the cryptocurrencies Latium supports By providing our users with an exchange inside the Latium platform, a full economy is created.

Deposit Rewards

Latium Deposit Rewards provide Latium users the opportunity to deposit WORK tokens for a pre-determined amount of time in order to be rewarded with more WORK at the end of the lock-up period. Users can deposit WORK tokens for the following periods 30 days – users will earn a 3% reward 90 days – users […]

Fee Structure

The Latium Platform fee structure is determined by the Freelancer plan you have. There are three options to choose from: Employers will pay a fee on top of the Reward Amount they determine per contract. As you upgrade your plan you pay less and less fees Free Plan users receive fees of 20% for projects […]

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