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The Latium Chat System

Latium has developed a specialized chat system to help simplify the function of the platform. Currently it can serve as both a general means of communication and a log of work activity. To visit the chat page click the Message icon at the top right of the screen next to your profile picture The message […]

Approval Rates

Each User within the Latium Platform receives an Approval rate. The Employer and Freelancer Approval Rates differ in how they are calculated, but display the same goal. The higher the percentage, the higher the quality of Latium user.

Project Categories

When Projects are posted they are added into categories by the user who posts the project. Some of the general Categories are: Surveys: These projects are centered around users completing surveys and being paid for their answers Digital Marketing: These projects are normally centered around social media follows, shares, reviews, etc. There are always a […]

Fee Structure

The Latium Platform fee structure is determined by the Freelancer plan you have. There are three options to choose from: Employers will pay a fee on top of the Reward Amount they determine per contract. As you upgrade your plan you pay less and less fees Free Plan users receive fees of 20% for projects […]

Creating Instant Hire Projects

One of the unique features of the Latium Platform is users are able to create projects which allow for Freelancers to begin working immediately, without Employers being burdened with reviewing applications. The Instant Hire projects are vital to the Latium ecosystem. To post an Instant Hire project simply follow the steps below: 1. Visit the […]

Creating Multiple Freelancer Projects

One of the unique features of the Latium Platform is users are able to create projects that can hire and manage many Freelancers at the same time. To create one of these projects simply follow these steps 1. Visit the Post a Project section of the For Employers page and select the “Hire Multiple Freelancers” […]

Reviewing Freelancers

Reviewing your Freelancer’s work is an important step in making sure they have completed everything you have agreed upon. To review their work you must visit your Project Management page. A Freelancer who feels they have completed their work will submit their contract for review. When you visit your Project Management Page you will see […]

Determining a Budget

Determining a budget for your project can be difficult, especially when you are not sure what the going rate can be for someone to complete a project similar to yours. Luckily, Latium has built-in options to assist you in finding out how much you should spend. When you are creating a project, the options available […]

My Listed Projects

To find the projects you have listed please visit the For Employers section of the Menu and select the Projects I’ve Posted section. Here you will see all the projects you have posted. You’ll see projects that are currently live, have closed hiring, or you can view archived projects if you wish to reopen them.

Screenshot Proofs

Screenshot Proofs is a feature Employers can use to verify that a Freelancer has completed part of the project. You can turn on the ability to accept Screenshot Proofs in the Project Details section. If you are requiring Screenshot Proofs you may need to provide an example of what type of screenshot you are looking […]

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