Latium Referral Program

The Latium platform provided its users with a unique referral program which allows for multiple ways to earn. Users are provided with a unique referral link they can share. Any new users who sign up through this link will be added to your referrals. You will then earn 50% on everything those users do throughout […]

Your Referral Link

To share your referral link you first need to navigate to the Referrals Page on the Latium platform. You will then see your Referral link with a Copy button beside it. Clicking/tapping that button will copy your referral link to your clipboard. You can then paste that link anywhere to share it with friends, family, or […]

Referral Commission

You will earn commissions on all actions generated by your referrals. These actions include every time your referral does the following: Places a Trade on the Exchange Pays a Project Contract Pays a Project Fee Is Paid for Completing a Project Pays for a Verification Pays for a Subscription A Subscription Renews You can track […]

Coin Cards

Coin Cards are a unique way for Latium users to generate referrals. A Latium Coin Card allows users to pre-load a card with any amount of any cryptocurrency they own and send them out to their friends, family members, or any other person who may be interested. The unique thing about Latium Coin Cards is […]

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