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The Latium Chat System

Latium has developed a specialized chat system to help simplify the function of the platform. Currently it can serve as both a general means of communication and a log of work activity. To visit the chat page click the Message icon at the top right of the screen next to your profile picture The message […]

Latium Freelancer Plans

Latium has three options available for its Freelancers to get the most opportunities from employers. There is the Free option, which allows Freelancers to try out the platform for free. The Verified option, which is a one-time $12 purchase, provides users with the ability to bid on Verified Only projects and get lower Project Fees. […]

Approval Rates

Each User within the Latium Platform receives an Approval rate. The Employer and Freelancer Approval Rates differ in how they are calculated, but display the same goal. The higher the percentage, the higher the quality of Latium user.

Submitting a Bid

To submit a Bid for a project simply visit the Latium Freelancing Product and find a project that you wish to work on. Once you find a product, click on it to enter the Project Page. Once in the Project Page you will see the section titled “Place a Bid” Next, enter in the amount […]

Project Categories

When Projects are posted they are added into categories by the user who posts the project. Some of the general Categories are: Surveys: These projects are centered around users completing surveys and being paid for their answers Digital Marketing: These projects are normally centered around social media follows, shares, reviews, etc. There are always a […]

Saving Projects

When you login to the Latium platform and visit the Freelancing Product you will see a long list of available projects for you to complete. If you see a project you are interested in, but wish to save for later, you can simply tap or click the heart icon at the top right of the […]

Screenshot Proofs

Screenshot Proofs are a feature available for Freelancers to show they have completed the work for the Employer. Some Employers, depending on the type of project they are posting, may require Freelancers to submit proof of completed work before the Freelancer will be paid. To submit Screenshot Proof simply upload an image on the Contract […]

Completing Projects

To mark a project complete you must complete all instructions from the Employer and submit any required proofs. Once that is all completed you simply select the “Submit For Review” button below the Messages box This will notify the Employer that you have completed the project and it is ready for them to review. Once […]


The Employer who creates the project denotes what coin they will pay with. This can be any coin or token supported by the Latium platform. The payment coin will be listed on the project page prior to beginning the work. Employers can also pay in USD. Freelancers are paid automatically through the Latium platform once […]

Contacting Your Employer

Once you are hired for a project you will likely need to talk with your Employer at some point to answer any questions or issues you may have. The Latium platform provides its users with a proprietary chat system for you to communicate directly with your employer. To chat with your Employer simply click the […]

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