Coin Cards

Coin Cards are a unique way for Latium users to generate referrals. A Latium Coin Card allows users to pre-load a card with any amount of any cryptocurrency they own and send them out to their friends, family members, or any other person who may be interested. The unique thing about Latium Coin Cards is […]

Making a Deposit

To make a deposit to your wallet please visit the Wallets page of the platform. Once there, find the wallet for the coin/token you wish to deposit and select the Deposit option. After you select the Deposit option you will see the address for your wallet. This is the address you will need to send […]


To make a withdrawal please visit the Wallets page of the platform. Once there you need to find the wallet for the coins/tokens you wish to withdraw and select the Withdraw option. After selecting the option you will see boxes where you place the amount you wish to withdraw. You will then see the To […]


The Latium platform provides users the ability to send two types of transfers. External transfers are called Coin Cards. You can read more about them by visiting the Coin Cards FAQ article. Internal transfers can be sent to other users inside the platform. These transfers are instant and do not require any blockchain wait times. […]

Transaction History

To view your transaction history please visit your Wallets page and select the All Transactions tab. Here is where you will find a record of every transaction made by your account. You can filter these transactions by selecting the Filter option and sorting by the transaction type and the coin.

Wallets and Trading

You can visit the exchange directly from the Wallets page by finding the coin you wish to trade, selecting the Trade option, and then selecting the pair you wish to view. Selecting this pair will take you directly to the pair in the exchange.

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