General Information

The Latium Chat System

Latium has developed a specialized chat system to help simplify the function of the platform. Currently it can serve as both a general means of communication and a log of work activity. To visit the chat page click the Message icon at the top right of the screen next to your profile picture The message […]

Latium Freelancer Plans

Latium has three options available for its Freelancers to get the most opportunities from employers. There is the Free option, which allows Freelancers to try out the platform for free. The Verified option, which is a one-time $12 purchase, provides users with the ability to bid on Verified Only projects and get lower Project Fees. […]

Token Sale Dashboard is the home of the Latium Platform. In order to access your Token Sale Dashboard please scroll to the bottom of the home page and select the Token Login option. You can also visit If you have any issues please feel free to contact Latium Support

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