For Employers

Changing Project Settings

To make changes to your Project Settings simply visit the Project Management page of the project you wish to change. This first section will break down the Project Settings for Bid Type Projects Turn on this setting if you wish to only allow users who have been verified through the Latium Proof of Human system […]

Editing Live Projects

Latium allows Employers the ability to edit their live projects in order to make corrections or updates. To edit your live project visit the For Employers section of the Menu, then go to the Projects I’ve Posted section. Once there, select the project you wish to edit and open that page. Then select the “View […]

Making Payments to Freelancers

All payments in the Latium Platform are priced in USD (United States Dollar) amounts. Payments can be made using USD or the cryptocurrencies supported by the Latium Platform. You can price the project in USD and select the cryptocurrency you wish to use to make the payment. Once a contract is created between yourself and […]

Chatting with Freelancers

Once you are hired for a project you will likely need to talk with your Freelancers at some point to answer any questions or issues you may have. The Latium platform provides its users with a proprietary chat system for you to communicate directly with your employer. To chat with your Freelancer simply click the […]

Approving a Project

As an Employer you have the option to approve a project and pay if the project is in “Working” status and in “In Review” status. To Approve a project you can simply select the Pay Now option at the bottom of the contract or the drop down menu.

Bid Style Project Management Options

Hiring Freelancers for your Bid Type Project Opening a Bid Type project allows Freelancers to place bids with how much they will complete the project for and how long it may take them to complete the project. You have the ability to review any of the bids submitted for your project and hire the person(s) […]

Instant Hire Project Management Options

Managing Instant Hire Projects Opening an Instant Hire project provides employers with the ability to hire numerous Freelancers without having to review each and every application. Instant Hire projects are best for projects which require a large number of Freelancers to complete the same project and with Instant Hire options this allows you to manage […]

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