For Freelancers

Quitting Projects

If you wish to quit a project you must visit the Projects I’m Working On section. Click into the project you wish to quit and select the Gear Box at the top right of the page. Under that you will see the option to Quit. Click that and you will Quit the project. You will […]

Haven’t Received Payment

If you are not paid for a project you feel you have completed you have the ability to discuss the issue with the Employer through the chat option provided by Latium. Arbitration and Mediation options will be available on Latium in the near future. When bidding and working on projects, please be aware of the […]

Adding Your Portfolio

hen you first create an account on the Latium Platform you will be asked whether you want to hire or work By selecting the I Want to Work option you will be prompted through a series of onboarding questions to add your avatar, skills and experience levels, biography, and hourly work rates. After you complete […]

Adding Your Skills

The Latium Platform provides all Freelancers the ability to add their skills and skill levels to their profile. Adding these skills will make it easier for Employers to find you if you possess the specific skills they require for a particular project. To add skills visit your Profile on the Latium platform and select the […]

Fee Structure

The Latium Platform fee structure is straightforward and simplistic. You can find all fees by visiting your Wallets page and clicking on Transactions. The Fees across all platform activities are 20% for any token or coin supported by the Latium Platform. However, if you utilize the LATX token you will pay ZERO fees for any […]

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